Psalm 112:7 News/Info/Tech Ministry

We will not fear bad tidings; Our hearts will remain steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

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Tech is just a tool, what you use it for, is up to you!


Do not fear the news/info of today! See it through the eyes of Elohim, Yeshua & the Holy Spirit and you will be assured while others panic. Utilize Tech for Christ!

Great video. I shared it a while back and i'm doing it again.

Posted by Wake Up News on Sunday, July 3, 2016

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Listen to what Bloggers REALLY are IF they understood their POWER! (influence)....and a key to why i am one.
It is NOT good enough just to bring 'them' down (for there are millions waiting to take their place!).
We have to REPLACE the current Elite with the Elite of Christ! THAT IS what all these ministries are about!
Continuing Christ's mandate to LOVE one another! So that NO ONE feels alone! Or abandoned! (The holes in society)
We start 1 person at a time- begin by NOT abandoning Christ! Spend more time with Yeshua! So that HE does not feel alone! (abandoned by you!)
For only Elohim has the plan that will make LOVE permanent for EVERYONE on this planet!
We need to step up and lead! When people like this man get murdered (ie: disappeared, natural causes, accident, character assassination (framed, set up, accused)...etc) (for the MORE people listen to this (and utilize it!)....Oh! He dead! One way or another!)
In Christ your physical death adds MORE strength to those 'Left Behind'! (pun intended! (-: )
The call is going out across ALL SPIRITS with Elohim! IT IS TIME!
Elohim invented the double agent and cells!
He alone can turn ANYTHING in His favor...
For when they kill us, we die for Him! And Christ will avenge each and every one of us!
The tide is turning and the 'final battle' is nigh.