Yeah! My Internet Is Back On!

First I wanted to just ENJOY IT (!) And not inform EVERYONE about it.

(A bloggers’ blessing/curse: To Blog Or Not To Blog? THAT IS The Question)

(Which reminds me…there are those who would PREFER I remain SILENT…KISS MY…! 😀 I PREFER you NOT READ MY BLOG! :-D…)

Anyway! Where is the joy? & the love? I take out time to UPLIFT, reprove (adjust attitudes)…

Ya know! 

I don’t NEED to see things that are like knives-to-my-soul!

THIS I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! DO pictures/videos of abuse NOT DRIVE YOU CRAZY?! Not cause SO MUCH PAIN, that you are literally doubled over and having mood swings from despair to homicide for days on end?

Is it JUST ME? Or does it seem that people ENJOY going VIRAL with SH*T?!

Look! I’ve lost my cool because someone I trusted sent me a video of a psycho who was ‘getting off” on hitting a baby!

Under 1 yr of age too…

This is why I don’t care if people DON’T LIKE what I say…

Cause I don’t just PASSIVELY watch or IGNORE evil like THAT!

I have literally risked my life by stepping up to abusers like that…

I’m pushed to do so by my memory…of when I was 12 and I backed down, hid…covered my ears as my 2 yr old brother screamed every night…

Everyone runs into evil/abuse eventually, without helping it go viral!


This is why I WILL NOT SHUT UP!

For even if it makes no LOGICAL sense…I MUST DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! In protest! Any action however invisible against THIS INSANE WORLD! I do it!

For I can no longer…

No longer…

I’m sick of those who believe, ‘Why bother? For THAT IS just how the world is!’

Like I SHOULD BE numb towards it! ARE YOU ALL INSANE?!

From Christ’s perspective…afflicted by demons no doubt.

Without Christ we use carnal weapons…(violent, emotional responses)…

My favorite non-carnal weapon is JOY! Love that makes me smile…maybe even cry…For THAT heals…

Humans are being used to create hell on earth…

I see OBVIOUS evil, unobstructed and I think, with all our flaws?

WE CAN DO BETTER! Than that!

So next time someone is on your case, remind yourself…that it could be a LOT worse…

Cause you could be like them, the majority who allow evil to go VIRAL!

A sometimes do-it-right…is trying…DOES WORK, in the face of nothing…no one…nobody doing a damn thing!

So! I drag this partially zombified body of mine, zombified from years of abuse, frustration, etc…

Unintelligible I may be, for now…this zombie is coming after those-who-suck-the-life out of people…

Movement, ANY movement in THAT direction may seem futile, but I got ya Acutis Borg! Coming for ya! For I am Seven-of-Nine!

Resistance is LIFE! 😀

JOIN ME! For the devoid has forgotten about the rebellion, how persistent we can be…Like kudzu, dandelions or bramble bush…

Roaches, rats, insects…

Small we may be…with Christ we develop a mentality, a shield the devoid CANNOT kill…

Will NEVER be rid of.

I am Elohim’s Best Friend, my loyalty finds home with Yeshua, the Holy Spirit uplifts those who desire to ACTUALLY see heaven on earth.

It’s gonna be a bloody mess…it’s what I live for…

We use to go along with the throng…I will no longer be a zombie, I refuse to be a vampire…WHATEVER it takes!

Make some noise! 😀

NOTHING is futile in Christ.


Hallelujah! 😀

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